Students were issued with a homework timetable at the start of the year and should be keeping up to date with the requirements of the class.

The next topic is trigonometry and revising SOHCAHTOA will help. Please use the mymaths tasks to ensure you are up to speed.

Students should also ensure they catch up with work from any absences.

Please see me for help if required.

Congratulations to students on passing their Unit 1 test. A few have resits to do please revise hard and make sure you are ready to pass sooner rather than later.
Students should complete the check up exercise on Algebraic operations on Pg 58 of their textbook.
Complete 'Calculations involving percentages - Chapter Review Pg 18 of 'Maths in Action - Intermediate 2 book' (issued to students).
All of my Intermediate 2 pupils have been issued a homework schedule for MyMaths tasks. The tasks are split into 'Revision' and 'Consolidation'.

Revision tasks cover topics which students should know from previous studies and form the foundation which this course builds on. They do not cover examinable topics but make studying examinable topics easier.

Revision tasks are optional and if a student is confident in his/her knowledge of the topic then they can miss it out but they must come to class prepared to answer questions relating to these topics.

Consolidation tasks are not optional as they cover newly learned course material which will form the basis of the final exam.

These are only the tasks which have been set, though the sheet does mention a couple homework sheets. There will be more written homework throughout the course to help assess students progress and understanding of the material. 

Many Thanks


[NB: Hard copies of tasks can be obtained from myself for those without access to the internet or who are experiencing internet problems.]

We are still waiting for the return of a number of textbooks. If you have any at 
The new Timetable starts this week and everyone moves up a year. So the fifth years are now sixth years. For homework updates please ensure you subscribe to the correct RSS feed.

Many thanks

With all students now passed their NABs it is time to hit the pastpapers and get up to scratch on the exam level questions. A minimum of 1 calculator and 1 non-calculator paper should be completed each week.

They can be found (along with the exam dates) at or through the SQA.

Happy Easter and Good Luck
Students studying the applications unit are required to complete a statistical assignment as part of the course. While they may choose any topic they can find data on, I would recommend the MET office historical weather data as a good source.

There is an example of each part of a statistical assignment on pg327 of their textbook.

Students studying Unit 3 should be working through extra exercises at home to ensure they can complete the course with time s
Students have a NAB to complete early next week and should be revising to ensure a first attempt pass.

Complete the practice test, check your answers against a) common sense b) against the notes in your jotter.

Remember to brush up on difficult topics like tax,  and be careful with inequality signs. " a > b" means a is greater than b. "a<b"