Relationships booklet (blue) - Trigonometry - Exam Qn's - Qn's 1 to 12.
Students should Complete 10 examples from questions 6 and 7 of section 1.2 'Solving Equations' of the Relationships booklet.
Well done to students who have been revising hard and working towards passing their National 4 Added Value test. Everyone has now completed this and most students have passed their first National 5 unit as well. Well done!
Complete qn's 5 to 9 of the preparation for assessment on pg 189 of their textbooks.

NB: Students with resits should be prepared to sit them on Tuesday - 17th September - All other students should be prompt as they will be sitting a National 4 added value practice test.
Students should be revising and ensuring they are confident of passing the unit test on Expressions and Formulae. The test is designed to assess whether students have met the standards for  the outcomes below.

Outcome 1
The learner will:
1. Use mathematical operational skills linked to expressions and formulae by:
1.1 Applying numerical skills to simplify surds/expressions using the laws of indices
1.2 Applying algebraic skills to manipulate expressions
1.3 Applying algebraic skills to algebraic fractions
1.4 Applying geometric skills linked to the use of formulae

Outcome 2
The learner will:
2. Use mathematical reasoning skills linked to expressions and formulae by:
2.1 Interpreting a situation where mathematics can be used and identifying a valid strategy
2.2 Explaining a solution and/or relating it to context.

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We are still waiting for the return of a number of textbooks. If there is any at home (including old textbooks from brothers or sisters) please can you ensure they are returned as soon as possible.

Many thanks

The new Timetable starts this week and everyone moves up a year. So the fifth years are now fifth years. For homework updates please ensure you subscribe to the correct RSS feed.

Many thanks

This friday is the SQA examination for standard grade maths. I wish all the students the best of luck. There is an immersion day on Thursday (the day before the exam) with a member of staff on-hand all day to support students and provide past-papers in a suitable study enviroment. Please come and take advantage of this for any last minute preperations you have but equally please ensure this is not your only revision.

Remember you can come in to school for help or contact me through this website at anytime not just Thursday/Friday.

Good Luck again.
Students should be well underway with their revision by now. There is only 7periods left till the Easter holidays and just 8 periods after!!

In class students are doing 1 pastpaper to help them identify areas they need to work on. The rest of the week is spent working on those topics and trying to ensure they are done successfully next time round. Students should be building upon the work in class at home. They could try other pastpapers if they feel they have learned everything they could from the problem areas in the previous pastpaper.

If they have a problem area they can look it up in their textbook contents page, on or in the mixed revision section of their textbook.

Time really is running out so practice, practice, practice!

Good luck
With 5 weeks of school left until exam leave all fourth year students should be full swing in study mode.
Pastpaper practice should be ongoing to identify any problem areas. These should then be revised in depth using textbooks, notes and

Extra topic revision is available here.