After completing their end of year test last week students should have a clear idea of what topics are troubling them. This homework is a chance to consolidate one of these.

Students should choose and then work on one of the following for 30mins to 1hr.  All pages are from their Nat 5 textbook.

Gradient                      Ex3.1A    pg 48
Expand Brackets           Ex1.1A    pg 4
Common Factor            Ex1.2A    pg 9
Difference of Squares   Ex1.3A    pg 13
Trinomials                    Ex1.4B    pg19
Volume                        Ex2.2B    pg39
Fractions (add)             Ex12.3A  pg243
Fractions (times, divide)Ex12.4A  pg247
Indices                        Ex12.7B  pg256
Surds                           Ex12.8A pg259

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