Students should complete the booster pack task on titled 'pythagoras and trig'. Students don't need to do it all in one go. The final score is the best aggregate score from all of the attempts made. Hard copies are available from me.
Revision exercise on Distance-Speed-Time pg 196
Complete the Check-up Exercise on Brackets and Equations Pg 86 in you MIA 3A books (issued)
The new Timetable starts this week and everyone moves up a year. So the third years are now fourth years. For homework updates please ensure you subscribe to the correct RSS feed.

Many thanks

After completing their end of year test last week students should have a clear idea of what topics are troubling them. This homework is a chance to consolidate one of these.

Students should choose and then work on one of the following for 30mins to 1hr.  All pages are from their Nat 5 textbook.

Gradient                      Ex3.1A    pg 48
Expand Brackets           Ex1.1A    pg 4
Common Factor            Ex1.2A    pg 9
Difference of Squares   Ex1.3A    pg 13
Trinomials                    Ex1.4B    pg19
Volume                        Ex2.2B    pg39
Fractions (add)             Ex12.3A  pg243
Fractions (times, divide)Ex12.4A  pg247
Indices                        Ex12.7B  pg256
Surds                           Ex12.8A pg259

There will be an end of year test for my S3 students on the 16th. They should be revising for the test which will cover: Area and volume, Factorising, Surds and Indices, Algebraic Fractions and Gradients. Chp 1,2,3,6 and 12 in their textbooks.

Good luck
Maths in Action - National 5 book -

Harder/Extension- pg 26 - 'Preperation for assessment' Exercise.

Core - Pg 22 - Exercise 1.5B

Easier - pg 21 - Exercise 1.5A

As the students progress up through the school we are no longer looking to teach them how to solve individual problems ( (81-32) x 5/9) but find solutions and formula's ((°F - 32) x 5/9 = °C) which provide the answer to any problem within the given parameters.

This is a move away from arithmetic and towards algebra which becomes more important as students progress through maths onto higher levels of study into maths based professions.

Which is why it is very important to get a good grasp of the basics.

A bit of mixed revision homework to keep everyone thinking over the holidays. An old pastpaper at Int2 Level. It's the 2004 Calculator paper, all questions should be attempted except qns 7 and 10, which are optional.

[We haven't technically covered topics for qn 7 and 10 but with their current knowledge some students might be able to work it out, or they could try to research it.]

Due date is set for the 3rd day after the holidays so I can remind and offer assistance to students but they should of attempted and completed most of it before the return to school.

Electronic copies are available from the school website or here

Good Luck and Enjoy the holidays.
Another chance to catch up on any outstanding Mymaths tasks.

Please make sure you keep up to date with these and don't fall behind.

This should be a nice break after last weeks difficult task.
Due on the 12th of March my third years have a quadratic problem solving sheet. It is very tricky and you may need help. Do not hesitate to ask.

Supported study is available after school or I can be reached through the contact page. Alternatively, post a comment.