Students should attempt to complete qn's 1 to 10 of 'Check-up on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages' pg 63 of their textbook.
Students should complete their choice of 5 [complete] questions from pg 233.
Students should complete the revision exercise ' All about angles' on pg 221 of their textbooks.
Complete Revision section Chapter 4 - Making sense of statistics. Pg 223 in Maths in Action 2 textbook (issued to students)
Students should complete the Revision exercise on Chapter 7 on page 226 of their textbooks.
The new Timetable starts this week and everyone moves up a year. So the second years are now third years. For homework updates please ensure you subscribe to the correct RSS feed.

Many thanks

Assorted revision exercises are available from pg220 to 236. Students should use these to revise for their end of year test next week. could also be used and additional resources and lessons are available from the links at the top or from the school website.

Remember to revise what you're not sure about NOT what you find easy!

Good luck
Another chance to consolidate some work this time - algebra. Pg 222 in their books is 'Revision exercise 3: Letters and Numbers'. This exercise is a wee bit long so students should complete only up to 8c.

If students fancy stretching themselves a bit then they can start on qn 4 and complete the rest of the exercise including qn 9,10 and 11 (instead of qns 1,2,3)

From 8c onwards is optional to all but qn 10 and 11 should stretch those students who have flown through the other questions and want something trickier.

NB: The revision exercises cover a number of different topics, so even if you cannot complete qn1 you might be able to do qn3 or qn5. Attempt every question.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Students have four 'MyMaths' tasks set - Mean and Mode, Divide Decimals by Whole Numbers, Area of a Triangle and Single Brackets.

These should be completed over the holidays ready for the new term.

Students can also use this as a chance to catch up with those overdue tasks (they appear Red in the task list.) and comeback and start fresh.

Enjoy the holidays.

This is a revision and consolidation task. It requires students to recall facts from a number of topics such as area, volume, mulitplying and dividing by ten.

Students have over a week to complete this task so if there are any difficulties they can come and ask for help.

The exercise should be completed with working at the back of their jotter.

Good Luck.