The lyre bird can mimic almost any natural or man-made sound with it's special set of vocal cords.Here's a good video. (The construction noise is actually created by the Lyre bird!)
Just this week scientists used electronic devices to allow a person to directly control the movements of another. More info here.
Maths has appeared in hundreds of movies and TV shows and Harvard has started a small archive. Check it out here.
The Snakehead fish can breathe air and live on land for up to 4days! Learn more on wikipedia.
As we approach summer we may think it's getting warm outside but did you know: The Earths inner core is as hot as the surface of the Sun!

Source: BBC news
Because it's Monday and I'm feeling a bit slow today I thought I'd share an interesting fact about Sloths. "Almost all mammals have seven cervical vertebrae or "neck bones" (including those with very short necks, such as elephants or whales, and those with very long necks, such as giraffes). The few exceptions include manatees and two-toed sloths, which each have only six cervical vertebrae, and three-toed sloths with nine cervical vertebrae"

Plus they are quite adorable. And for anyone who has seen The Croods "Dun-duh dah!"

John Napier the famous Scottish mathematician accused the Pope of being the Anti-Christ. In one of his books he used prophicies about the apocolypse to try and prove his case.